Crescent Kashmir


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The government of Jammu and Kashmir is focusing on the farm sector of Jammu and Kashmir and in the recent past all the high officials have been interacting with farmers to understand their problems.

In one of such meetings recently Advisor to Lt. Governor told farmers that solutions should come from farmers, and the department is ready to lend the helping hand. He was also keenly listening to the suggestions put forth by the farmers while they narrated their problems.

He suggested the farmers propose solutions to their problems themselves. He asked them to be the drivers on the vehicle of problem solving instead of looking towards the administration only. The Advisor was speaking during an interactive session with farmers organized by the Agriculture Department, Kashmir.

He impressed upon the farmers to take full interest in farming as the fate of the trade is changing considerably. He maintained that farmers are happening to be job creators worldwide instead of job seekers. He said that the trade is gaining due recognition and respect from the last few years.

He advised the farmers to promote the indigenous brands under proper tagging, labeling and packaging. He asked them that income increases with innovative ideas not solely through administrative interventions.

He encouraged the farmers to make land their identity. He made out that the significance of land can be gauged by the fact that it cannot be created afresh. He asked them to safeguard it for the sustainable gains instead of making short-term immediate profits through its conversion.

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