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Farooq says very soon the political government will make JK bureaucracy accountable

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By: Muzamil Bhat CK


Former chief minister and PAGD chief Farooq Abdullah has accused JK administration of being anti people and has said that very soon there would be an elected government and they would be made accountable to whatever they are doing especially with the common people.

Farooq Abdullah made these utterances before LG Manoj Sinha and said that most of the officers are not even picking up the phone of common people nor speak of redressing their grievances.

According to the KNT warning bureaucrats of the consequences of their ‘anti-people’ actions, National Conference leader Dr Farooq Abdullah Tuesday said bureaucrats will be accountable tomorrow for what they have done.

Speaking to the reporters on the sidelines of an official function at SKICC Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah said that those bureaucrats who don’t bother to pick up the phone calls of people and politicians will have to answer tomorrow.

Farooq Abdullah as per news agency Kashmir News Trust said that bureaucrats are the servants of people and they have to work for the masses.

“These officers today think they are the kings but they are not the kings, simply the servants of people. They have to answer tomorrow and they will be held accountable tomorrow for what they have been doing today,” Abdullah said.

He said time will change and there will be elections. “If there will be fair elections tomorrow, I am telling you with authority that the National Conference will emerge as the biggest party,” Farooq Abdullah said.

In response to a question, Farooq Abdullah said that militancy still exists in the Valley. “Don’t you think militancy is still there. I was talking to BJPs Nirmal Singh. Several BJP workers have been killed. A political worker of the Apni Party was also killed. If they (Government) want Panchayat members, DDC members and political workers to work in the field then they must be provided security cover,” he said.

Farooq Abdullah said that the Coronavirus pandemic crushed everything and every country was badly hit by this pandemic. “Apart from India, its neighbours too suffered,” he said adding that time will tell what impact will countries like US, Russia, China and other parts of world have with the emergence of Taliban in Afghanistan.

When asked what has changed in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, Farooq Abdullah said that people are the best judge and they will tell you better. “If I will say anything, they will claim I am from opposition party and talking against the government,” he said.

With inputs from KNT

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