Crescent Kashmir


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Tourism industry is facing a lot of difficulties in the UTs of Ladakh and J&K as the covid surge forced the government to impose restrictions during the spring season in the current year with the result tourist traffic has not been able to pick up.

Although the government is trying its best to bring back tourists both to Ladakh and Kashmir but they have not been able to push through their proposals as there is a fresh surge of covid positive cases at many places.

Tourism industry in the current season is facing a tough time and it is now the question of survival for them as thousands of families in Kashmir and Ladakh are directly dependent on the tourism footfall in these areas.

In order to give a boost to the tourism industry in the UT of Ladakh the central government recently conducted a three day mega event to push their proposals for the tourist arrivals. Many foreigners are expected to visit Ladakh post easing of restrictions as there was a covid surge in Leh and adjacent areas in the past few months.

After the cases have receded authorities in Ladakh have lifted all restrictions and have asked the people to be cautious and have covid appropriate behavior while they move out from their homes into the markets.

In spite of all the efforts both by the central government and the local administrations, both in Kashmir and Ladakh, tourist traffic has yet to pick up and the people are waiting now for the autumn and winter seasons.

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