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Mission Youth

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Under the Mission youth program the Jammu and Kashmir government is trying to give employment to those village youth who have immediate need to sustain their families.

In order to provide new platforms to the youth, Lt Governor launched Mission Youth’s J&K Tourist Village Network.

75 villages known for historical, picturesque beauty and cultural significance to be transformed into tourist villages and their development as the tourist destinations will help the youth of those villages to get employment.

Youth-led sustainable tourism initiative will strengthen rural economy & community entrepreneurship, besides providing an opportunity for the tourists to go to such villages which have historical and cultural importance.

In the recent past the government of Jammu and Kashmir through different schemes and initiatives has been able to push through the program to give the youth better opportunities for the future.

The government has said that women & Youth should be empowered through direct & indirect employment opportunities.

The UT Government is adopting best practices recognizing the uniqueness of each village; ensuring a digital platform to all these villages.

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