Crescent Kashmir

Tourism Promotion

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The government of Jammu and Kashmir despite two waves of pandemic has been trying to get back tourists here. In this direction they have taken slew of measures for the better tourist footfall.

Now we would be in the beginning of the autumn season and the stakeholders have a lot of hopes that tourism will pick up. The tourist footfall is showing a trickle as the pandemic has receded in most of the places including Jammu and Kashmir.

The government has also taken up a massive vaccination drive against the covid-19 especially among the stakeholders of tourism including houseboat, hoteliers and their staff.

They have also vaccinated all such categories who come in contact with the tourists during their visit to Kashmir valley. The government is not only focusing on tourist infrastructure in the entire Jammu and Kashmir but they have also taken up many tourism promotional activities to get back tourists here.

Kashmir valley has huge potential for tourism and the government has not been able to get back tourists because of the pandemic as it crippled tourist industry.

Stakeholders in Kashmir valley connected with the tourism sector have a lot of hopes from the coming autumn and winter seasons and they are prepared to host the guests if they come to Kashmir.

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