Crescent Kashmir


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Jammu and Kashmir has been very rich in the network of libraries right from the time of Maharaja. We were having a lot of libraries with thousands of books which are rare and also have great importance.

The government has been preserving these books and the unfortunate September 2014 floods damaged a lot of books in the Lal Mandi library which was established during Maharaj’s time.

Now there is a new concept of e-library and the government of Jammu and Kashmir is working seriously to provide all the books and reading material for the students and the people who are great lovers of books.

In this direction recently Lt Governor Manoj Sinha released Silver Souvenir Coin and inaugurated e-library.

He e-inaugurated a digital library established at SGC Katra with the aim to ease out the difficulty in finding out information from voluminous books.

The students and the people who are interested in many subjects will be pleased to find out the information on their laptops and mobile phones about such material.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir is working on many projects to ease access of information to the students, preparing for many courses and the e- library system will go a long way for these students to get the relevant material on their mobile phones.

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