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Omar Abdullah comes under criticism for supporting Jammu Bandh

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By: Muzamil Bhat CK


Memories in politics are short lived and people most of the time forget what the politicians have told when they are in power. In Jammu there was a Bandh call on Wednesday in support of the traders against the proposed opening of over hundred retail outlets by reliance.

This Bandh call of the traders in Jammu was supported by all the political organizations except BJP and years old tweet of Omar Abdullah triggered a storm on social media when many BJP supporters asked him to explain how the walMart store opening by him in Jammu was right and now the proposed opening of stores is wrong in the same Jammu city.

According to the KNO while reporting about the reactions to the ten years old tweet of Omar Abdullah it has said in its news report on Wednesday as follows.

As Jammu observed bandh on traders’ call to protest against opening of  Reliance retail stores, almost a 10-year-old tweet of former chief minister and National Conference Vice president Omar Abdullah resurfaced online.

Omar, who is quite active on social media now going viral in different groups where people are taking dig at his statement where he talks about inauguration of Jammu and Kashmir’s first and only Wal-Mart   Best Price Now Flip-kart best Price) store in Jammu outskirts.

“Off to inaugurate the first Jammu #bestprice wholesale store opened by #bharti #walmart,” reads Omar’s tweet. However, as per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the tweet was originally shared on 9th of November 2011, when Omar Abdullah was chief minister of state and he had inaugurated Wal-mart’s store despite opposition from trader federations.

The whole debate started after the National Conference extended support to the Jammu Bandh called by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu against anti-trade and commerce moves of the administration.

Social media users questioned Omar Abdullah’s stand on supporting Wal-Mart stores and opposing reliance stores.

Rewetting Omar’s old tweet Manu Khajurua, Founder Voice of Dogras tweets said, “Interesting. Walmart was ok. Reliance not for #Jammu,”.

Another user advised Omar to delete the old tweet as soon as possible.

Megha Sharma writes “What a joker you are. Walnut might have been the bags but reliance doesn’t give flying to him. That’s the difference”

Aashish said “Walmart is Ok. Foreign company. Reliance is not Ok. Because Indian company”.

VR Pandita writes, “Was Jammu bandh on this day? Did any organization gave a call at that time? Didn’t this wall mart affected the local business??

“For those who don’t know, Walton’s Family (owner of Walmart)  belongs to Pakki Takki of Jammu and were state subject holders. Therefore, they could open a huge store during article 370 in Jammu without any uproar, a satire made by parody account named as Jammuey Da Raja.

Vishesh Koul replied to the original tweets writes, “Delete it ASAP it might get viral”.

Pertinently Jammu got Wal-mart store in 2011, inaugurated by then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who described it as landmark development as said that “Jammu and Kashmir is now on the Walmart map of the world” adding “J&K is ahead of Delhi, which is yet to get on such a store”.

However, due to protests from local traders Jammu’s Wal-mart confined to wholesale activity on membership based only.

With KNO inputs

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