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NC seeks apology from Altaf Bukhari for ‘defaming’ Sheikh Abdullah

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Srinagar: Without naming Syed Altaf Bukhari, National Conference Saturday castigated him for criticizing ‘tallest’ leader of Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah.

Bukhari a couple of days back had blamed NC founder Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah for the present mess in Kashmir saying that in 1947 like India and Pakistan, Kashmir would have become also an independent entity, but Sheikh Abdullah diverted the passage of Jehlum for his own interests.

Bukhari while criticizing the opportunistic poltics of Abdullah had admitted that Sheikh was a great leader with mass appeal.

Today, National Conference leader Imran Nabi Dar without naming Apni Party or Syed Altaf Bukhari said some parties that are active and have patronage of Nagpur and right-wing parties are defaming the tallest leader of Kashmir.

He said it was Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah who emancipated people of Kashmir from slavery and poverty. “He gave land to tillers and made education free. Our condition improved because of him. He (Bukhari) should apologize uncondionally for criticizing and defaming the tallest leader who is recognized globally,” he said. (KNT)


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