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Recruitment process

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In the past several decades’ people of Jammu and Kashmir were promised employment packages by the successive governments but nothing would go beyond it.

In the recent past J&K administration gave one time age relaxation in the recruitment exam for the post of Sub- Inspector, JKP and the increase in the number of seats has the potential to usher a wave of development & prosperity in the society.

But the age relaxation is needed in other recruitment processes of Jammu and Kashmir also as many of the unemployed youth have crossed the age bar and have no possibility of getting recruited.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems being faced by the youth of Kashmir. There have been a lot of layoffs of the private sector also in Jammu and Kashmir due to the two waves of covid-19. Lockdowns have really crippled the potential of the youth especially in Kashmir valley and they have very little opportunities for recruitment even in the private sector.

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir should start a huge recruitment process so that these youths get an opportunity to show their potential and work for the development and progress of the society here.

But so far even the process of recruitment by the recruiting agencies is very slow and it is frustrating the youth of Kashmir who are very keen to show their potential and talent in the administration.

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