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Health sector

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There is a special focus on the health sector in Jammu and Kashmir and the administration is trying to mitigate the sufferings of common people by providing them with a health care system.

According to the recent government figures J&K has the highest 5% budget allocation of Rs 1,456 crore in the health sector across the country.

Government is committed to strengthen the health system across J&K and make healthcare affordable & accessible to all, especially in rural areas here.

Covid infection is very much present and cases are being reported on the daily basis in Jammu and Kashmir. That means for a common man living here that the threat of pandemic is not over yet; everyone must follow Covid protocol to prevent the third wave here.

Overall, government spending Rs 7,177 crore to strengthen the infrastructure of the health sector, in the last one year, 94 health projects completed by spending Rs 881 crore are some figures available from the officials of the health department.

The completion of the health projects is a good beginning for the health care system to take a better shape for the common good of people.

In the recent past the government of Jammu and Kashmir has also augmented the oxygen generation plants and have also installed new plants in many hospitals and health facilities so that there is no dearth of oxygen whenever the people need, especially the covid-19 patients.

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