Crescent Kashmir


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People living in the far off villages of Jammu and Kashmir have not been getting better health care especially when they get cut off due to the heavy snowfall.

In order to mitigate their grievances, LG Manoj Sinha announced that the state helicopter will be deployed for the tribal population during medical emergencies. ‘This will help in timely diagnosis and treatment for the needy patients.

While highlighting the reforms introduced by the government for the welfare and interest of the Tribal community, he said that a comprehensive strategy has been developed for modernizing the requisite infrastructure and providing public services in tribal dominated areas.

The J & K Government is working relentlessly to usher in a new dawn of social equality by implementing the rights of this deprived section guaranteed by the Constitution and the Parliament of the country, he added.

He noted that through several interventions like Tribal Tourist Villages, clusters of Tribal Self Help Groups, Tribal model and milk villages, promoting Minor forest products and more such programs of Mission Youth, the UT Government is paving a strong foundation for progress and growth of the present and the future generations of the Tribal community by connecting them with the mainstream of development.

He said that the government is establishing Transit Accommodation at 8 different places costing Rs 28 crore, for the convenience of the tribal population during their seasonal migration.

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