Crescent Kashmir


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Interrupted power supply during the winters in Kashmir valley is a must for the common people who have to battle severe cold conditions.

There have been power cuts in various parts of Kashmir valley and even in Srinagar city during these winter days. The government has recently assured that they will try to supply the power without interruptions during the winter season.

In this direction recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir reviewed the functioning of the Power Development Department. He issued directions for proper management of transformer repairs, reduction in unscheduled power cuts, so that the common people get respite.

During the review meeting he has instructed the engineers that they should ensure there should be no unscheduled power cuts during the winters.

Government has asked the line staff to check power pilferage, made answerable for power overload and frequent transformer damage on the ground.

The government has recently said that  in the current financial year so far, Kashmir registered 64,588 million units of energy consumption, which is 7.98% higher than the previous year’s consumption of 59,796.19 million units. Similarly, there is a 17.33% increase in the peak load consumption in Kashmir which indicates the rapidly increasing demand for electricity and its peak load over last year.

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