Crescent Kashmir

Administrative Reforms

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The Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir recently said that administrative reforms were necessary for the responsive administration here. In this direction NITI Aayog has already hailed the efforts of the J & K administration for undertaking the institutional reforms in the past two years.

He gave details of the recent reforms like BEAMS, PAYSYS, full verification of works, road connectivity in all villages, availability of 128 public services online, saturation of all individual beneficiary oriented schemes etc. and stated that these landmark steps will both facilitate ease of living and ease of doing business in J&K.

He asked NITI Aayog to share the updated ranking on all developmental/ growth indicators, while further observing that the present rankings, which are dated by 2-3 years do not reflect the transformation J&K has undergone in the last two years and rather tend to paint a wrong picture.

He advised the Education Ministry to devise a framework of measuring learning outcomes in schools in J&K to help the government make the required reforms in the education sector.

He said that the J & K government is willing to invest in the construction of an airport in Kishtwar district, if the airlines evince interest in using the airport, thereby, making the investment a viable proposition.

NITI Aayog will request the concerned Ministry to find a way to fund the various tribal projects in J&K, as funding under Finance Commissions is now not available to UT.

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