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Welfare measures

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The J & K government has recently launched a lot of centrally sponsored schemes for the welfare of common people especially for those who are badly in need of assistance from the administration.

Recently J&K Chief Secretary has asked the information department to become more responsive to the needs of making the information public about such schemes so that people come to know about such welfare measures on time.

He asked the department to urgently realign its focus and re-orient its organizational structure to better deal with the rapidly evolving media otherwise it may soon find itself behind the curve.

He advised the department to ensure that at least ten content creators’ resource personnel are available in the Secretariat and an appropriate number of them is placed in all the district offices in the UT.

The department needs to focus on the people, and the tools required enabling the people to benefit from the developmental agenda of the government.

He lamented that despite several important initiatives, there has not been commensurate coverage in the media.

He pointed out the specific instances where even improvement in J&K’s standing in the country on various developmental parameters has not received any coverage in the media.

He said that schemes like ‘Apki Zameen Aap Ki Nigrani’, ‘Janta ki Bagidhari’ etc. have really empowered the people in the UT,but more and more people should use these schemes for their well being and that can happen only if they are sensitized about them.

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