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New policies

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The government has introduced a number of measures and policies on the ground not only to make the administration responsive but also to provide all the help and platforms to those people who feel they have been left out from the benefit of government schemes.

Recently the public distribution department has introduced a lot of changes to make the system transparent on the ground. The department recently introduced a nominee policy to handle the failure of authentication in case of an old aged persons workforce that has worn out fingerprints, differently-abled persons, minors, bed-ridden persons with no physically able person in the family to draw rations.

Since the introduction of this policy in this year, hundreds families have availed the said facility and are collecting their entitled ration through their nominees.

Government has urged all such families, who are eligible under the policy to avail this facility in order to get their rightful entitlement of rations and not to remain dependent on dealers or salesmen.

The Department has completed winter dumping of rations in the areas that witness closure of roads and passes during the winters. Across Jammu and Kashmir around 60,000 MTs of food grains have been dumped for these areas, in which more than a thousand sale centers of the Department operate.

In view of the demand from residents a special dispensation for distribution has been put in place in these areas and the beneficiaries can avail their ration quota for December 2021 and subsequent three months in one go, if they so desire, in view of harsh winters seen in such areas. However, all the distribution shall be made through PoS machines only to make the distribution process credible.


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