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Mulnar Dachigam youth qualify NEET 2022

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By: Wani Parvaiz CK


In a rare achievement a young boy from the tribal village of Mulnar near Dachigam Park has qualified the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 exam and made his family and community proud.

Tufail Ahmad has been a good student right from the school days and has completed the class 12th from Government Higher Secondary School, Shalimar.

Mulnar locality is near the Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary and this locality is a small tribal locality as the students from this locality have to get the education especially for the higher secondary classes in Shalimar.

Being a tribal village most of the students have to walk even to the schools as there is no school available near the locality. In such circumstances cracking an examination like NEET is a real achievement for Tufail Ahmad and the locality is praising him for achieving this feat despite hardships.

According to news agencies in their news report on Monday they have said about his struggle as follows.

Ahmad shared the struggles and hardships he faced in his life saying he was deprived of many basic facilities. Walking kilometers to get access to the internet and to reach school was one of the difficulties he had gone through.

“I used to walk all way long to Srinagar to get access to the internet and used to download my study videos. The financial crunch was also there in my family. When I was 3 to 4 standard, I didn’t buy new books,” he said.

Taking about the where inspiration he got from? Ahmad said it was the hardships he faced that pushed him to do something for himself as well as the tribal community.

“As far talking about tribal people we face many basic facilities and the place I belong, people here face electricity and connectivity problem more often. So it is always in my mind to do something for these people,” Ahmad said.

“My brother and mother encouraged and supported me all the way to my journey. My mother who is uneducated herself used to push me to study, hence there was an immense support from my family,” he added.

Tufail Ahmad’s brother said it is a proud moment for the family and the whole community. He did it despite being deprived of many basic facilities.

“We are very happy. We never thought it will happen but he did it with the support of family and his hard work. It is a proud moment for us as well as our community. Despite being deprived of many basic facilities he did it,” he said.

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