Crescent Kashmir

Growing economy

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In the horticulture sector and also in the development of vegetable clusters, the J & K administration has encouraged farmers to go for modern techniques to earn more from the markets.

For the first time, 2000 trucks of vegetables have been exported from Jammu and Kashmir to different parts of the country. J&K has accomplished top position in the whole country with a yield of 70 quintals for each hectare of paddy. Government is encouraging farmers in converting over 60,000 hectares of Basmati cultivation area into high productivity land.

The Apple market has also reached 8000 crores and is changing the lives of 30 lakh people connected with the sector. The region under cultivation of fruits in Jammu and Kashmir expanded from 2.21 lakh hectares in 2001 to 3.33 lakh hectares subsequently enlisting an increment of 1.22 lakh hectares in twenty years.

Agriculture has seen a continuous decline but on the other hand the area under horticulture has seen a huge increase which has cemented the latest position as a torch bearer of the economy.

The fruit production in J&K has impressively expanded. In 2001, the fruit production was recorded at 10.9 lakh metric tons and the same has now gone up to 24.44 lakh metric tons. Apple fruit partakes in an overwhelming majority in fruit production. In a similar period, the development of apples has multiplied from 9 lakh metric tons to 18 lakh metric tons.

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