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Timeline for projects

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J&K administration by reforms including e-tendering process has been able to complete a lot of projects in record time. According to the figures released by the J&K government, contrast this with 18651 works already completed by the end of February, 2022 and 36572 works likely to be completed by the end of the fiscal year.

If 36572 works are completed in 2021-22, this would represent nearly 22-fold increase over the works completed in the preceding year.

Compare the number of works completed in 2020-21 with those in 2019-20 and the increase is minuscule 1.43 times.

The uptick in work execution achieved in or likely to be achieved in 2021-22 is nothing less than spectacular, if one considers that all these works have been executed after following a process of competitive bidding.

Even the representatives of the people have seen the efficacy of the new fiscal order.

The panchayati Raj system at the grass root level has also helped in completion of the developmental projects and funds have been no problem at the village level for the completion of many projects.

Similarly, the central government has released the funds for all the pending projects which could not be completed earlier due to the lack of funds and now most of these projects are at the stage of completion.

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