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Sheep units

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Jammu and Kashmir administration has in the recent past provided the unemployed youth in the rural areas with new schemes for the sheep breeding.

Many of them have established sheep and goat units due to the encouragement by the administration. Government recently said that for the establishment of Sheep/Goat units (25 Sheep/goat per unit), scheme provides 50% of the unit cost as total eligible subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 1.00 lac whichever is less per unit (25 sheep/goat) and a maximum subsidy ceiling of Rs 8.00 lac for 8 Sheep/Goat units (each unit comprising of 25 sheep/goats.). Any individual /group of individuals/self-help group/cooperative society/farmers producer organization is eligible for the scheme.

The scheme also has the provision of Procurement of Shearing units (Comprising of one shearing machine, one Genset & shearing accessories/spares), 50% of the unit cost as total eligible subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 75,000/unit whichever is less. Any individual (trained in MSS or intending to undergo training in MSS) is eligible for the scheme.

The scheme is majorly contributing towards achieving Prime Minister Modi’s vision of doubling farmers’ income as it augments the income of farmers that they generate by practising agriculture.

The Department also provides breeders with all kinds of assistance during disease outbreaks to minimize the loss. It is because of the help of the Sheep Husbandry Department that Sheep rearing has become one of the lucrative entrepreneurship choices in J&K.

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