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Curfew Again Relaxed In Khargone, Govt Allots Rs 1 Crore Aid For Riot Affected

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The Madhya Pradesh government has allotted Rs one crore for providing relief to the people affected by the recent communal violence in Khargone city.

The financial assistance will be provided as per a survey conducted by the district administration, an official said on Tuesday.

Continuing with the practice, the Khargone administration on Tuesday morning relaxed curfew, which was clamped in the city on Sunday night following violence during Ram Navami celebrations, for four hours, they said.

Since April 14, the local administration has been relaxing the curfew every day for four hours.

“The administration had conducted a survey and sent a report to the state government, which has allotted Rs one crore,” said Khargone district collector Anugraha P.

Based on this survey, financial assistance will be provided immediately to the affected people and vendors whose houses, shops, vehicles etc. were damaged in the violence.

As the curfew was relaxed between 8 am and 12 noon in Khargone city on Tuesday, people rushed out to buy milk, vegetables, provisions and medicines.

As per the government order (GO), only the stores selling milk, vegetables and medicines are allowed to remain open during the relaxation of curfew. People can purchase essential items from the shops in their neighbourhood.

However, petrol pumps will remain closed and the sale of kerosene will remain suspended at the fair price shops under the Public Distribution System (PDS), the order said.

Officials said that further relaxation in the curfew can be granted in the evening.(With PTI inputs)

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