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Toilet for all

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Jammu and Kashmir has recently released the data which says that they have achieved 100% toilet coverage and this achievement is before the deadline.

All the 22 districts, 4,171 gram panchayats and 7,565 villages in the J&K are self-declared ODF as per Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen) SBM (G) guidelines official data recently said.

Apart from constructing 1.1 million individual household toilets (IHHLs) and 1,350 community sanitary complexes in J&K, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has played a vital role in bringing about behavioural change in the people.

105 projects were completed under Smart City Projects aimed at transforming Jammu and Srinagar into modern, sustainable and economically vibrant cities with a dedicated focus on improving infrastructure and services besides increasing mobility.

The ambitious project, on completion, would strengthen urban infrastructure, improve city services, public aesthetics, ease of living, and provide a clean and sustainable environment besides enhancing administrative machinery in both the capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar.

Srinagar city is already under the focus of the government to make it smarter especially on the tourism front. Srinagar city is presently having a lot of projects which when completed would give it a new shape and it would also be very hygienic.

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