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Raghav reviews progress of 7th Economic Census

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Calls it a visionary document helpful in guiding towards better planning & development

SRINAGAR, MAY 24: Secretary PD&MD, Raghav Langer today held a meeting to had detailed review of the conduct of 7th Economic census in the UT and release of provisional results drawn thereafter.

The meeting was attended by DG, Economics & Statistics; District Development Commissioners, Officers from National Survey Organization, DSEOs and other officers of the department.

The Secretary urged the enumerators and other officers to be diligent and accurate in collecting the data as per the given proforma. He termed the data highly useful and called the document so produced visionary for making future planning for the nation. He said that it not only helps in measuring the progress of the country but also a pivot for the development of the nation.

Emphasizing he observed that the same data is highly trustworthy and us used by researchers, planners, bankers, industrialists and academicians alike in bolstering their respective activities. He called for making a document more robust and inclusive than the previous one for the benefit of many more sectors and communities of our society.

It was given out that the census would be fully ICT based operation using a customized software for  quick and broad-based results. It was said that after the census a nationwide  Business  Register  as  per  international  practices  adopted  by developing countries and in line with UNSD recommendations would be structured.

It was further revealed that a detailed  information  on  economic  variables,  activity  wise,  of  all  the  non‐agricultural  establishments  of  the  country  including  its  distribution  at  all  India, State,  district,  village/ward  levels  for  comprehensive  analysis  of  the  structure  of the economy is expected out of this exercise.

Further information  on  establishments  registered  under  MSME  Development  Act,  their assets and other economic criteria, Activity wise/Area wise information  on  number  of  workers  working  in  establishments, List of all establishments tagged by geographical location up to village/ward level for local level planning purposes would be made available by virtue of 7th Economic Census.

Pertinent to mention here that conducting  periodic  Economic  Census  has  been  the  means  of  measuring  the  diversity  of  non-farm  economic activities  in  all  its major dimensions. The First Economic Census was conducted throughout the country during 1977 in  collaboration with the  States/Union Territories  (UTs). The subsequent censuses were conducted in the years 1980, 1990, 1998, 2005. The 6th and the latest census was conducted back in 2013, as was given in the meeting.

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