Crescent Kashmir

Global warming

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Global warming shows its visible impact and people are now getting the results of environmental degradation. In Jammu and Kashmir though there is a huge forest cover, global warming along with many factors including erratic weather conditions have contributed to the recent forest fires.

Hundreds of incidents have been reported about the forest fires both in Jammu and Kashmir divisions. These forest fires have not only brought panic among the people who live near the forests but also a question mark on their economy as they depend on the forests for their survival.

Jammu region has been worst hit by the forest fires in the recent past and at many places there has been a lot of damage to the forests by such fires.

The government has been trying to respond to the situation but it is very difficult to fight such fires with old equipment. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir should bring the latest technology including helicopters so that forests are saved for the future generations here.

There has been a lot of damage to the forest cover in the Jammu region and it will lead to soil erosion which will finally result in flash floods in the future.

The situation in Kashmir valley is also dangerous as unusual dry weather conditions during spring season this year has also resulted in some forest fires.

Though they were not only the scale as being witnessed in Jammu region but the danger of forest fire is very much alive in the valley also.

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