Crescent Kashmir

Tribal welfare

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In the past few years J&K administration has been focusing on tribal welfare and has introduced many schemes exclusive for them. Making their life more comfortable is the goal of the government.

In this direction at first, J&K Govt facilitated nomads’ journey to highland pastures, hiring transport for them. Similarly J&K government has decided to construct transit accommodations at 8 places at a cost of Rs 28 cr.

Come summer in Kashmir, the nomadic population of Jammu and Kashmir start moving towards the valley for onward trekking to high pastures. Kashmir offers best and stimulant grazing for the livestock, which keeps roaming whatever the weather conditions prevail on higher reaches.

The movement of shepherds and cattle breeders used to be a common phenomenon in Jammu areas up to Khanabal via nearly 290 km national highway. However, the UT administration of Jammu and Kashmir, for the first time, put a halt to laborious exercise of moving over vehicularly congested roads and deployed 40 Road Transport Corporation trucks for onward journey of cattle and cattle breeders up to the high pastures.

Every year by the end of March, thousands of nomads begin their annual seasonal journey with lakhs of sheep and goats from Jammu region to reach the Kashmir valley. These families embark on their journey towards the alpine pastures for grazing during the summer before returning to warmer districts of Jammu region in October as the temperature goes down.

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