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Sports Tourism

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The current year has given the government new ideas to get tourists. After the healthy footfall J&K government is trying to get people here for sports tourism.

Jammu and Kashmir offers the potential to woo domestic and international travelers by organizing national, international sports tourism events like golf tournaments, rafting, snow skiing, rock climbing and motor racing.

Travelers combine their love for travelling and sports by planning their holidays around popular sports events thus boosting sports tourism in the UT.

The J&K Sports Policy encourages promotion of UTs natural splendid resources such as lakes, rivers, springs, canals and mountains to boost sports tourism. The policy accords special focus on golf, winter sports, adventure and water sports activities besides creation of hubs and sports tourist centers which would in turn provide additional job opportunities.

As per the policy document, the ‘Public Private Partnership’ (PPP) along with foreign mission support for knowledge and technology transfer will help take sports and adventure tourism to the higher level. Accordingly, sports tourism and specialized snow adventure sports training courses at certificate/ diploma level will become the new modus for making such sports tourism models to become self-sustaining. The Department of Youth Services & Sports encourages PPP mode to promote winter sports and adventure tourism.

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