A Russian national who worked in the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) of Bangladesh has died, an official said on Monday, adding that a total of eight foreign employees connected to the project have passed away in the past six months.

Ivanov Anton, 33, was a former employee of Rosem Company, a Russian contractor working on the project.

On Monday morning, Arbinda Sarkar, officer-in-charge (OC) of Ishwardi police station, informed IANS that he used to live in room 126 on the 12th floor of building No 2 in the Green City residential area, a housing project for foreigners at Natun Hat in Sahapur of the Pbna upazila.

On his way back to his hotel after purchasing meals from a restaurant near Green City on Sunday night, Ivanov passed out in front of the elevator.

Doctors at the RNPP project later confirmed him dead and handed his body over to the authorities.

“Ivanov’s death could have been caused by a heart attack,” the police source stated.

Six Russians, one Belarusian, and one Kazak have died at the RNPP site since March 26.

On April 15, BelarusianIvanu Maxim, 52, an employee of the under-construction project’s contractor business Ruinwald, was discovered dead in the Green City residential area.

On March 26, Kazakhstan national Vladimir Soviet was killed at a house in Ishwardi Rooppur Residential Project Green city.

Three Belarusian nationals employed with the Russian company Rossem, were detained over their involvement in Soviet’s killing.

Two days later, a court in Pabna sent them to jail.
(with inputs from IANS)