Crescent Kashmir

Economic growth

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Kashmiri Saffron is gaining markets after the GI tagging by the government and the farmers are now expect more growth in this sector.

Kashmiri Saffron is renowned globally as a spice. It rejuvenates health and is used in cosmetics and for medicinal purposes. It has been associated with traditional Kashmiri cuisine and represents the rich cultural heritage of the region. The unique characteristics of Kashmir saffron are its longer and thicker stigmas, natural deep-red colour, high aroma, bitter flavour, chemical-free processing, and high quantity of crocin (colouring strength), safranal (flavour) and picrocrocin (bitterness).

A new saffron park has been started just for the sole purpose of processing and promoting the sale of saffron from Kashmir Valley.  The samples brought by growers are tested here. The lab is recognised across the world.  There are 8 parameters that are  tested, which are internationally recognized.  The 8 parameters include moisture, extraneous matter and foreign matter, and total ash and three main characteristics. They are graded and then e-auctioned. The farmers get the flowers and then the stigma separation and vacuum drying is done at the Dusoo Park.

Traditionally the farmers used to dry the saffron under shade at home but due to that, the saffron used to lose the main components. Now all the parameters are saved to get the best grade.

With the GI tag, saffron growers and traders are getting more benefits like legal protection to the products as well as prevention of unauthorized use of GI tag products by others.

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