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Skill training

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The focus of the J&K administration is on providing skills to the youth during the normal education.

A senior officer of education recently suggested to the management of University to consult the NEP-2020 for developing the skill courses here as the NEP has given a lot of focus on developing Skill training institutes. He further asked them to develop a course having some employability avenues in it for the normal graduates of J&K colleges.

During the meet, the LTSU management gave a detailed presentation on the collaboration between the SDD and LTSU.

University is running a Project Harvest for Harnessing All round development through Vocation Education and Skill Training. They highlighted that through this project, employability enhancement, industry development and Socio-economic development can be harvested.

The University management also informed the meeting that under Project Harvest, the University will collaborate with J&K Government to support local Industry MSME’s & SSME’s to improve their technology, skills & quality, market access etc. Support J&K in making UT as preferred destination for R&D HUB in EV, IT, design & simulation etc. It will also sponsor Industry in short term and long term skill programs for Jammu & Kashmir students.

The University will also help J&K in Strengthening of  Polytechnics and ITIs by supporting Industry focused content , Infrastructure Development and Training of Instructors as well as  promote start-up culture across J&K.


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