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After making a new industrial scheme for Jammu and Kashmir the government is focusing on the Biotech sector for the investments. In this direction J&K received 338 proposals in Bio-Tech sector under New Industrial Scheme

J&K Government has received 338 proposals associated with the biotech sector which is emerging as a priority sector after the launch of the new Industrial Development Scheme.

With new Biotech capabilities and innovation, Jammu and Kashmir, bestowed with more than 3,500 medicinal plant species, will be able to harness market advantages in the most effective way and help the farmers to generate more income. The establishment of organic based and pharmaceutical companies will be successful in linking the abundant natural wealth of J&K neglected for decades with the industry.

Recently Lt. Governor, Manoj Sinha said that the inauguration of Industrial Biotech Park in Kathua will transform the economy and enable scientists to tackle challenges of climate change. “The enabling infrastructure will fuel a new wave of innovation and impact various sectors, from health and agriculture to cosmetics and materials”, he observed.

Together with advances in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Biotech Park will accelerate change. At North India’s first Industrial Biotech Park, the Lieutenant Governor said that it will be a vital futuristic asset of Agri-Horticulture Entrepreneurs, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Youth Entrepreneurs and Scientists of the region.

He impressed upon the scientists of the industrial Biotech Park, Kathua and the researchers of SKUAST to collaborate on tissue culture and molecular diagnostics of new varieties of plants. “Our goal is to integrate agriculture and allied sectors completely with biotech so that the whole time cycle of crop production can be streamlined and made beneficial for the farmers.

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