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Rahul Gandhi slams ruling BJP, accuses of destroying world’s fastest growing economy

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday hit out at the ruling BJP at the Centre over high taxes and unemployment, accusing it of destroying the world’s fastest growing economy.

He said this while sharing a graph on Twitter showing how commodities like curd, paneer, rice, wheat, barley, jaggery and honey are being taxed now. There was no tax on these items of mass consumption earlier.

“High taxes, No jobs. BJP’s masterclass on how to destroy what was once one of the world’s fastest growing economies,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

He also shared how hospital rooms for which Rs 5,000 is charged will be taxed at 5 per cent and hotel rooms below Rs 1,000 will be taxed at 12 per cent under the GST regime.

Gandhi also said the GST on solar water heaters has been increased from 5 per cent to 12 per cent and on LED lamps and lights, from 12 per cent to 18 per cent.

The Congress party has attacked the government for increasing GST rates on essential items used by the public.

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