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New power schemes

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Central government has been giving liberal funds for the rural electrification in Jammu and Kashmir.

Besides enhancing the power capacity across Jammu and Kashmir, the central government is heavily investing in new hydroelectric power projects in Jammu and Kashmir.

Under a new scheme “Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS), projects worth Rs. 11767 crore are approved to reduce AT&C losses and ensure 24×7 power availability.

In a historic move to realise the goal of making Jammu and Kashmir self-sufficient in power sector, Ratle Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited (RHPCL) and Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL)  inked a contract agreement for the turnkey execution of 850-MW Ratle hydel project within a stipulated time frame.

J&K has undertaken a large-scale capacity augmentation programme in the power sector resulting in a huge leap in power transmission and distribution capacity. The new power generation projects like Rattle, Pakal Dul, Kiru etc, will bridge a major gap in the UT’s electricity requirements.

The 540 MW Kwar project being built at a cost of Rs 4526 cr  would be completed by November 2026.

In a significant step towards boosting renewable energy projects in J&K, in the Union Budget 2022, an allocation of Rs. 476.44 crore has been made as grants towards equity for 800 MW Ratle Hydroelectric Project and Rs. 130 crore as grants towards equity for 624 MW Kiru Hydroelectric Project. It will boost energy transition and fight against climate change.

The distribution capacity is now 16754 MVA, while as in 2019 it was only 12745 MVA. The length of HT line is 45101 which was 41204 Ckms before 2019, while as length of LT line has increased from 79754  to 96017 Ckms from 2019 till date.


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