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LG Manoj Sinha has been very keen that the young blood of Jammu and Kashmir should participate in the ongoing developmental projects here.

In order to make their participation possible Manoj Sinha has started LGSDF programme for these young minds.

Observing that youth have a completely different mindset and vision for urban mobility, smart schools, and other developmental aspects, he said that the 25 new initiatives taken by all the nine LGSDF Fellows and their contribution to policy making in different areas will be absolutely unprejudiced and unbiased.

He  advised all the mentors and reporting authorities to see the fellowship as an incubation model to find innovative solutions by working on the ideas as per given targets according to the needs of the departments, administration, common citizens, and contribute to the journey of prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir.

Noting that each individual possesses a different potential, he said that the fellowship should become a perfect medium of expanding that potential. He called for prioritizing the most urgent of the challenges and finding sustainable solutions.

A new invention, innovative idea or science is born when a person gathers the courage to go into the unknown. As such, a few such tasks should be given to them through workshops or through mentors, which will help the administration in achieving the target of Sustainable Development Goals and triggering creativity and ingenuity.

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