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Schemes for youth

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In order to create livelihood for the youth in Jammu and Kashmir, the government has come up with a slew of schemes for unemployed youth so that they get a sustainable livelihood.

Among those schemes which have been introduced by the government is the “Tejaswani” (Radiant) scheme aimed to promote entrepreneurship among young women. It envisages giving financial assistance up to Rs 5 lakh to young women for setting up gainful self-employment ventures, suited to their skills, training, aptitude and local conditions.

Another programme “Sahyta” has been rolled out to provide a special financial assistance program for youth in distress. Financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh is being provided under the scheme to youth in distress for setting up gainful self-employment units.

Under a sector specific scheme for dental professionals, a customised financial support is being provided to dentists for setting up dental clinics. An amount of 8 lakh is provided as financial assistance under this scheme for setting up their venture.

Another scheme “Rise Together” envisions promoting community-based entrepreneurship optimally to generate jobs, income and promote the spirit of social service among new-age young entrepreneurs in the Himalayan region. Under the scheme, the eligible youth groups are provided with financial assistance to the extent of Rs 20 lakh comprising of upfront subsidy component minimum of Rs 2.5 lakh or 10 per cent of the project cost and a loan provided by the Bank, 70 per cent of the project cost to the extent of Rs 17.50 lakh.

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