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Modern methods

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In order to provide the latest technology to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir, the government is on its way to do so.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir said that the latest research and scientific methods would be used on the ground for the farmers of J&K.

He said that endeavor should be to provide end to end digitization to farmers so that they do not have to look for different services and solutions here and there. He observed that different interventions like digitization of land records, availability of expert opinions, farm practices guided by modern technology and techniques besides use of high yielding varieties of agricultural inputs can fructify the dream of doubling the farmers income in near future.

He propounded that the real task is to create a database of all the relevant records and information for extending all the help readily on a real time basis. He ascertained that such a provision can easily be achieved under Agristack, thereby becoming a major boon for the farmers. He stressed on intensifying the efforts to at least double the Agricultural GDP in next 10 years. He asked for taking all the measures to make farming a highly remunerative and gainful profession.

Government is implementing the National Land Records Modernization Programme (NRLMP) and each farmer will have a unique digital identification (Farmers’ ID) that contains personal details, farm details, production and financial details. This id will help farmers to secure all services and benefits online in future.

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