Crescent Kashmir


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Start ups through MSME are progressing very fast and such initiatives are bringing the economy back on the track.

MSME is the nerve center of the country’s business. Focus is to rejuvenate traditional MSME’s with greater access to credit and market linkage to ensure a higher growth trajectory for MSMEs.

Productivity, Connectivity & Standardization, is in fact, three important factors for MSME’s sustained growth. Vocal for local, District Export hubs, GeM portal, market linkage of domestic & global value chains, all these interventions are results of new policies set by the central government.  MSMEs contribute to realize the vision of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat & Aatma Nirbhar Jammu Kashmir.

The industry centric policies, provisions of financial assistance, handholding to new and existing enterprises have encouraged MSMEs and other industries in J&K. The business ecosystem is exuding confidence.

J&K’s economy has been living up to the expectation. In FY 2021-22, MSMEs export registered 54% growth and importer-exporter registration has gone up by 173%. Strategic focus on food processing, handicraft & organic products has stimulated economic growth.

J&K has one of the fastest growing horticulture markets in the country. Our strengths in natural resources & skilled workforce, best in class incentives through new Industrial development Scheme are well known and makes J&K an ideal MSME destination.

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