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Naseem Shah, we always knew we were stanning the right cricketer

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After the Pakistan versus Afghanistan Asia Cup match last night, there is only one name on everyone’s minds — Naseem Shah.

Let us paint you a picture — Pakistan is batting in the second innings and has lost six more wickets, making it a total of nine, for just 31 runs. With 11 more needed, the tenth batsman, Shah, enters the field, hits two consecutive sixes in the last over taking it home. The crowd goes wild. The young cricketer has done it again.

Shah, known for his bowling, really went off in the match as batsman and no one can stop talking about it. He was appreciated by captain Babar Azam, teammate and man of the match Shadab Khan who said after Javed Miandad and Shahid Afridi, everyone will remember Shah’s sixes, and former cricketer Younus Khan also congratulated him personally.

He has earned former cricketer and current commentator Wasim Akram’s respect as well.

The teenage cricket star’s last two sixes are all over our TLs. Some fans have created fun edits out of them.

There was a heated moment during the match between Asif Ali and Afghan bowler Fareed Ahmad. People have been speculating that Shah was angry at the exchange and it showed.

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