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Modern facilities

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With the tourism sector showing signs of revival, the government of Jammu and Kashmir is also trying to modernize the infrastructure for the tourists of different places in Jammu and Kashmir.

Given the healthy footfall of tourists, the J & K government recently asked the unemployed youth in rural areas to go for establishment of home stay facilities.

Recently the secretary tourism reviewed the performance of the tourism department along with tourist development authorities.

He impressed upon the officers that all kinds of modern facilities at the tourist places besides the Golf Courses at Jammu and Kashmir should be maintained as per international standards so that maximum players are attracted to play at these places. He also asked the Executive Director Mubarakh Mandi to organise events of cultural significance as well as Heritage walks at the heritage building so that maximum people are made aware of the culture and values of this place.

He during the meeting also emphasized upon the CEOs of Tourism Development Authorities to keep the component of Emergency stabilization in their revised budget estimates so that any kind of exigency in view adverse weather is timely dealt with.

During the meeting, the CEOs of each Tourism Development Authorities and officers of other agencies gave a detailed report on the functioning and performance of their agencies.

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