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UK Tory rivals open truncated leadership race

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Contenders hoping to succeed the recently resigned British prime minister Liz Truss were to start their campaign on Friday but opposition parties demanded that the people in the UK get the chance to have their own say to finally put an end to months of political chaos.

Following Truss’ resignation on Thursday, party managers announced a shortened election process with results to be announced on October 28.

After only 44 days in office, packed with economic crisis largely of her own making, the Conservative leader announced on Thursday she was stepping down.

Truss admitted she “cannot deliver the mandate” on which she was elected by Tory members, after her right-wing platform of tax cuts disintegrated and as many Conservative MPs revolted.

Truss had succeeded Boris Johnson on September 6 after a weeks-long campaign against Tory rival Rishi Sunak, vowing a radical overhaul as Britons struggle with a cost-of-living crisis.

The likely contenders include her Tory rival and former finance minister Rishi Sunak, who has gained favour after correctly warning of the debilitating consequences of Truss’ debt-fueled tax promises.

However, the scandal-ridden Johnson might also be looking forward to make a comeback, despite resigning with dismal poll ratings.

Suella Braverman, a representative of Tory’s right whose resignation as interior minister on Wednesday acted as a catalyst for Truss’ downfall, is also a likely choice.

Furthermore. senior cabinet members Ben Wallace and Penny Mordaunt were also considering their own chances of succeeding in the leadership race.

On the other hand, some have already ruled themselves out from the competition, including new finance minister Jeremy Hunt.


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