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Potential of floriculture

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Jammu and Kashmir has rich potential for floriculture activities at the commercial level. Central government and J&K administration have introduced many schemes for the farmers to go for commercial floriculture activities.

With the efforts of the government, Commercial Floriculture is emerging as a new form of employment across J&K particularly among the youth.

MIDH, RKVY, ATMA like schemes boosting Commercial Floriculture Sector in entire Jammu and Kashmir.

Commercial Floriculture in Jammu and Kashmir is helping the farmers to multiply their profits with the help of Government sponsored schemes and other related interventions.

Commercial Floriculture, a specialized form of Horticulture aimed at augmenting the income of Growers and generating employment opportunities involves setting up of Ornamental Nurseries, Aromatic oil crop farming like Lavender, Cut flower production of Rose, Carnation , Gerbera ,Lilium, among others as well as Bulb production of Iris, Daffodils, Dahlia, Lilium, Gladiolus, Peonia, Cyclamen, Ranunculus, etc.

Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS) like MIDH, RKVY, and ATMA are being implemented for the promotion of the commercial Floriculture Sector in J&K. The department is organizing regular sessions of training within and outside J&K for farmers/growers in order to make them aware of modern trends in the Floriculture Sector.

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