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Amid monthly tariff hike, Pulwama residents demand enhancement of power infrastructure

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Pulwama : As PDD has resorted to monthly tariff hike, the residents of Pulwama district of south Kashmir demanded enhancement of power infrastructure as they claim that dangling electric wires tied with trees, old poles are posing grave threat to the lives of people as well as to their property.

The residents of Rakh, Zahid Bagh, Chakoora, Darbagh and adjacent areas, alleged that they are living under constant fear due to low lying electric wires tied with trees in their villages since decades but no attention is being given towards it.

They said that the electric lines touch roofs of houses and trees on roads posing risk to life and property and due to low lying overhead transmission lines.

“We have been requesting the concerned department to replace the dangling and damaged electric wires and poles but our pleas fell on deaf ears,” said Javaid Ahmad, a local resident.

He said last in back to village programmes every year we have demanded electric poles and wires in the area on ground nothing has been done.

“Almost all low tension wires in our village have been tied with trees in absence of poles due to which the wires are very low and very weak as well which often get damaged,” said Mohammed Tariq Ahmad, another local resident.

He added that we have taken up this issue with administration several times but on ground nothing has been done.

Locals said that several years electric poles were laid in Zahidbagh and other villages but due to unknown reasons, they aren’t being installed.

They said that on one side the government is resorting to fee hikes almost every year but on the other hand there are no LT poles and wires at several spots but no attention is being given towards it.

“Despite that we have been paying the fee on time and have brought all these issues in notice of higher ups several times but to no avail,” they said.

They requested higher ups to look into the matter and provide them new electric wire and install poles lying there—(KNO)

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