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Kashmir Sees Spurt In Influenza Cases This Season Than Previous 2 Years

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Experts Urge People To Take Precautions And if needed, Visit a Doctor Instead of Self Medication

Srinagar : Kashmir Valley has reported a spurt in influenza cases this season compared to previous two years.

Experts said that in the last nearly two months, there has been an increase in upper respiratory and lower respiratory tract infection cases.

“Patients typically have fever, cough, sore throat and runny or stuffy nose,” they said. However, they said, most patients recover with treatment.

They said apparent reasons are likely weather driven. “The air is cooler and less humid, which can help some viruses grow and spread more easily and thereby increase the number of viral infections.”

Top Kashmir pulmonologist and Head of the Department at Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar, Dr Naveed Nazir Shah, told that of late there has been an “unprecedented” rise in the respiratory infections.

“In view of covid appropriate behaviour (CAB), the incidences of other respiratory infections were less but since the end of third Covid-19 wave, there has been an unprecedented rise in respiratory infections not only in elderly but in young,” he said, adding, “most of infections were due to viral infections.”

The experts urged people to take precautions and if needed, visit a doctor instead of self medication.

“During winter, there is normally an increase in such infections. This is what we are seeing now. We are doing an analysis of the patients coming with pneumonia to ascertain the aetiology. Till now we are seeing the most commonly seen cause seems to be the viruses like influenza and RSV.

“Precautions are better than cure and as such people need to take all necessary measures.” (GNS)

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