Crescent Kashmir

Sustainable transformation

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In the recent administrative council meeting, LG Manoj Sinha has approved support to Human Resource Development for Technological backstop for Sustainable and Accelerated Transformation of Agriculture

The major outputs and likely outcomes of the twenty-nine approved projects include:

Achievement of recommended Seed Replacement Rate by cultivation of 2.596 lakh QTLS of quality seed. The measure will result in production increase between 15%-45% depending on the crop.

The production of Niche crops (like saffron, kalazeera, rajmash, basmati etc) shall be boosted by bringing additional 11000 Ha under their cultivation through diversification. Quality plantation material of these crops by establishment of new nurseries and seed villages will be made available along with GI Tagging and compact value chains.

Self-reliance in vegetables and boosting production of exotic varieties for export. The vegetable production will increase from 19.90 lakh to 25.87 lakh MT. New 1100 hi-tech green houses and 3548 polyhouses will be established with an upscaling of cropping intensity to 250%.

Creation of an intensive network of post-harvest and marketing value chains from Rural Business & service hubs, reefer vans to mandis, from grading lines to branding centers with integrated 67,000 MT of CA Storage Space. A dedicated backend market intelligence cell shall be made functional to extend marketing decision support to farmers in real-time.

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