Crescent Kashmir

Commercial farming

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Agriculture and allied sectors are getting a facelift in Jammu and Kashmir as the government is spending a lot of money on these schemes.

They are trying to work on the prosperity of the average farmer and have introduced new schemes on the ground to change their lives.

Recently the J & K government has decided to create huge employment opportunities in agriculture and allied sectors.

In the next five years the UT shall have a motivated workforce with agri-entrepreneurial skills in a commercially viable and ecologically sustainable agri-ecosystem. The projects approved in the agriculture sector are Development of Seed and Seed Multiplication chain in PPP mode, Promotion of Niche crops in UT of J&K, Promotion of Vegetables/exotic vegetables under open & hi-tech protected cultivation, Strengthening Agri-Marketing System in UT of J&K, Promotion of medicinal/aromatic plants on commercial basis.

Moreover, the Promotion of Apiculture, Technological interventions to strengthen Sericulture in J&K, Promotion of Nutri cereals (Millets), Farm mechanization and automation, Promotion of mushroom cultivation, Promotion of Oilseeds, Formulation of 300 FPOs, Adoption & promotion of integrated farming system (IFS)/Integrated Livelihood systems (ILS) in UT of J&K, Promotion of commercial floriculture in UT of J&K and Development of rain fed areas of J&K

The projects under the agriculture sector also include alternate Agriculture System for sustainability, Sensor based smart Agriculture, Minimizing pesticide use in Agriculture, J&K soil & land resource information system and Innovative approaches in agriculture extension.

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