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Scientific collaboration

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In order to make vegetable cultivation possible in Jammu and Kashmir the government has collaborated with scientists of Agriculture University to implement new projects.

Government has recently approved 29 new projects and they have collaborated with SKUAST for the implantation of these projects.

From SKUAST-K, , Assistant Professor, Vegetable Sciences who co-drafted the project proposal said that domestic production of vegetables offers a tremendous scope to make available fresh and nutritionally superior vegetables to the population at cheaper prices than current inflated prices. He added that with the proposed new cultivation over a net area of 5,000 hectares, vegetable industry in J&K under open field conditions would produce about 360 thousand metric tons annually worth Rs 720 crores at current price.Under the project identification of beneficiaries & cluster formation shall be achieved after proper planning followed by Land Development, identification of specific vegetable crops for specific areas, besides off-season vegetables can be exported to other states taking advantage of natural temperate climatic conditions fetching premium prices for our farmers.

The project also undertakes intensifying vegetable cultivation through design, manufacturing and establishment of new and improved region-specific-tech structures with automation. This shall facilitate cultivation of high value vegetables and exotic crops like broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, lettuce, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, parsley, celery, cherry tomato etc. which possess great demand in domestic and foreign markets as well as the tourism industry.

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