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Efficient panchayat system

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir is working to prepare key parameters for panchayat development index to rate various panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir on socio economic indicators.

The data shall be analyzed in PD&MD and most backward panchayat in the block shall be identified, the details of which shall be shared with all respective District Development Commissioners for authentication”.

Aspirational Panchayat Development Programme (APDP) Dashboard shall be developed by the IT department for uploading the data of all Panchayats on the selected indicators/parameters. Subsequently, APDP Dashboard shall be used to monitor progress on these Aspirational Panchayats on Key Performance Indicators.

The Aspirational Panchayat Development Programme will be implemented under the overall supervision of the District Development Commissioner (DDC).

For smooth implementation of the programme, a Nodal Officer shall be designated by the DDC at district level from the Rural Development Department.

Moreover, access of people of these Panchayats to various schemes available for development of the poor shall be improved/saturated which shall bring overall improvement in their living conditions. This will be a move forward towards inclusive development of these areas ensuring benefits to the last man in the last row.

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