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Honey production

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Bee production is going to emerge as a major economic activity in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir in the coming three years.
The government has approved a project of Rs 47 crores for the promotion of beekeeping in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
After implementation of the project, the number of bee colonies is expected to increase from 1.43 to 3.085 lakh, the number of beekeepers from 4526 to 7396, and honey production from 23050 to 66100 quintals. In addition to honey production, income from bee by-products such as royal jelly, bee venom, pollen, and wax worth Rs. 474 Crore per annum will also be realised. An amount of Rs. 4.4 Cr has been allocated for research and development.
The Agriculture Production Department will implement the project in collaboration with SKUAST-J/K, which will lead to holistic development of apiculture, generate employment opportunities, provide livelihood sources and create entrepreneurship opportunities for landless,  small and medium-sized farmers resulting in an overall improvement in their socio-economic conditions.
The implementation of this project is expected to bring a major change in the apiculture sector, providing a significant boost to honey production, bee population, and crop production. This will not only benefit the farmers but also contribute to the overall economic development of the region. The initiative of the government to promote beekeeping in J&K is a positive step towards ensuring sustainable agriculture and preserving the biodiversity of the Himalayan region.

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