Crescent Kashmir

Potential areas

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Government has decided to promote commercial cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in Jammu and Kashmir.

For this purpose a new project has been approved and more land would be brought under cultivation of these plants.

Upon identification of potential areas for MAP cultivation, the project shall undertake establishment of MAP germ plasm banks. Harvesting and post-harvest management will be facilitated through the formation of farmer cluster groups and the creation of common facilitation centers (CFCs) for primary processing. The branding and marketing aspect of the project will involve product diversification, certification of produce besides branding, labeling and packaging. Besides, Capacity building and training will be provided in good agricultural and harvesting practices, primary processing and marketing as well.

Under the research and development component of the project, there shall be establishment of a “Centre of Excellence on Herbal Technology” for focused research and development on bio-prospecting, crop improvement, organic farming and more.

The MAP sector involves a wide range of stakeholders including industry, entrepreneurs, farmers, collectors and traditional healers. To implement the interventions, the project will prioritize species-specific zones, form farmer cluster groups, establish model nurseries and demonstration units, provide capacity building programs and link farmer groups with industries for product development and digital marketing.

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