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The J & K government has recently approved a 329 crore project for achieving self reliance in the mutton sector.

There is a lot of shortfall in this sector and most of the mutton is being imported to Jammu and Kashmir.

The project is anticipated to bring significant benefits to farmers and consumers in Jammu and Kashmir. The creation of commercial farms and establishment of breed-based farms will boost mutton production and improve the quality of meat available to consumers. The marketing and value addition initiatives will help farmers get better returns for their produce, while health cover and nutrition interventions will reduce production losses and improve the overall well-being of the animals.

The project will also create job opportunities and promote entrepreneurship, contributing to the economic development of the region.

Ultimately, the project which is aimed at achieving self-reliance in the mutton sector in Jammu and Kashmir, is a crucial step towards meeting the growing demand for mutton in the region. The project also intends to address the shortcomings in the existing mutton production and provide consumers with safe and quality meat.

The project is also likely to bring numerous benefits to farmers and consumers, create job opportunities and contribute towards overall economic development of the region.

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