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Fish seed

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Recently J&K government has approved a Rs 176 cr project to boost fish production. For the increase in fish production, there should be seed available to boost the production.

One of the prime requisites for successful aquaculture is the availability of good quality fish seed. The Technical Programme under the project includes importing genetically improved varieties of fish seed to ensure the overall success of fish farming practices. Quality fish seed determines the health, size, growth rate, disease resistance, and other physical and physiological characteristics of the fish, which in turn affect the overall fish production.

In addition to importing genetically improved fish seed, the Technical Programme also aims to establish new hatchery units and upgrade existing ones on modern scientific lines. This will improve the quality and quantity of fish seed available for fish farming, and enable the production of a more diverse range of aquaculture species.

Notably, under the programme, the UT government also plans to establish 10 new trout hatcheries and two carp hatcheries, and upgrade 8 carp and 10 trout units. ‘Technological Interventions for Fish Seed and Trout Production in UT of J&K’ is one among the 29 projects, which were approved by the Jammu and Kashmir administration after being recommended by the UT Level Apex Committee for holistic development of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in UT of J&K.




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