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As tourism is picking up in Jammu and Kashmir, there have been a lot of complaints by many visitors regarding cheating at different tourist spots.

Recently J&K Tourism Department said that they have registered251 complaints of cheating, other TT Act violations during 2022, settling 247 number of complaints.

During the investigations they have recovered Rs. 21.95 lakh as fine, facilitates refund of Rs. 11.82 lakh to tourists; Deptt. advises service providers to desist from cheating, overcharging.

They have circulated an advisory to service providers even as 247 of these were settled and fine to the tune of Rs. 21.95 lakh was recovered from the erring service providers.

The Department, during this one year, also ensured refund of Rs. 11.82 lakh from respective service providers in favour of prospective tourists for having charged them arbitrarily or not providing them the services for which they were charged.

The Department has taken a series of recent initiatives to bring transparency and promptness in addressing any complaints from the tourists. Separate monitoring teams have already been set up at all destinations comprising respective Resort Officers, representatives from Development Authorities and Tourist Police.

This is in addition to a central monitoring team comprising senior officers to check the compliance of J&K Tourist Trade Act and ensure that tourists are treated in a manner befitting to the hospitality traditions of the place, they feel safe and in no way have any complaints of cheating, touting, overcharging.

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